The payments solutions industry is evolving and so is the online payments industry in South Africa as a result of technological advancements and also a growing need for contactless transactions. Electronic payments have become the modern face of payments as a result of technological advancements and the introduction of the internet to the general public.

Whoosh Innovations (Pty) Ltd recognized this trend and the need for efficient solutions in this space which is the foundation upon which the company was built. The company was formed in 2014 after recognizing the need for mobile card readers in South Africa then pivoted to a payment gateway after several variations of the business model, where it has seen tremendous success in providing compelling solutions to the South African payments industry

Whoosh offers an industry-compliant payment gateway that enables retailers to concentrate on selling their goods and services, whether they are sold online, via mobile apps, or through custom-made solutions. Our company goal is to become a leading payment solutions company in South Africa, securing the existing marketplace and investing in businesses of the future centered around payments. 

The road to building the company and our solutions have seen us being recognized by various institutions such as the Business Day for the growth seen by our customers over Black Friday of 2020, as well as the Multichoice Innovation Fund where we were selected, from a variety national applicants, as 1 of 8 beneficiaries to join the 2021 cohort of future business leaders.

The Multichoice Innovation Fund’s main goal is to encourage South Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs by providing them with the tools, expertise, and financial resources they need to realize their special, creative, and exciting business ideas. Being chosen to be a part of the Multichoice Innovation Fund has been an awesome achievement and given us the opportunity to extend our service offerings to Multichoice as well as the other beneficiaries. We are certain that collaborating with the funders will provide us with new ways to demonstrate our technical skills to the rest of the country and beyond.


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